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The C68 – the pinnacle of the evolution of Colnago history

Made in Italy-Colnago C68 – tradition and technology in perfect proportions

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The latest model-C Colnago is still made in Italy and still has lugs, but it is a thoroughly 21st-century superbike . Colnago says the C68 is not for racing – it has “a totally new soul based on performance but also oriented towards riding enjoyment.” However, the C68 and V4RS share the same geometry and come in the same seven sizes, which suggests racing isn’t all that far away from the C68’s capabilities.

The C68 very cleverly is a lugged bike and is still made in Italy, but the ‘integrated’ lugs now form part of the tubes, giving the bike a modern monocoque-like look.

The bottom bracket shell is part of the seat tube, while the top tube incorporates two lugs. One connected to the seat tube, the other to the head tube.

T47 bottom bracket

Colnago has abandoned its own BB standard and gone with a T47 . It is a universal standard threaded system that fits pressfit bottom bracket shell dimensions.

CeramicSpeed SLT headset

Since replacing a headset on a bike with an integrated bar is a time consuming and possibly expensive job, Colnago joined forces with CeramicSpeed to give the C68 a headset with a lifetime guarantee thanks to SLT (solid lubrication technology) which is CeramicSpeed’s own secret tech.

Backwards compatible seatpost

Nobody likes proprietary seatposts so the C68 has one that’s backwards compatible with the C64 and also works with the V3RS and V4RS – which also makes it easier for production and spares.

Multitool inside steerer tube

Colnago C68 comes with a cute little Colnago-branded multitool that’s secreted inside the steerer tube that comes out when you twist and lift the top cap.

NFT tag

Colnago has used Blockchain tech via an NFT tag that is the bike’s ‘digital passport’. It contains all the bike’s data and ownership details.

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