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Disc | 2000€/1830€/1590€ (tax free)

complete bikes

PALTA SRAM Rival 1 | 3640€ | special 2990
PALTA SRAM Force 1 CX | 4050€ | special 3280
PALTA GRX | 3890€ | special  3220
PALTA GRX Di2 | 5100€ | special 4140

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New terrain, same philosophy. Beautifully functional, functionally beautiful. Made for speed, made to last, made by Basso.

*7 bottle cage bolts for carrying up to three water bottles.
*tires up to 42mm
*100% Torayca High Modulus Carbon Fiber
*front derailleur adapter on request

When an increasing number of riders break free from the constraints of paved roads and seek the liberty that mixed surface riding provides, we at Basso answer their call with a solution that remains faithful to our tradition and values for the road while optimizing for a new, varied terrain.

While others do gravel, we do Palta…the Basso solution for those wishing to take on adventures without taking route conditions into consideration. The Palta, which in local dialect means mud or dirt, has gained an international following and universal respect thanks to its “specific versatility”. If freedom is the name of the game in the gravel sector then Palta is king as it excels in a variety of applications. Perfectly adaptable to road replacement, gravel racing, cross riding or the epic multiday adventure, the Palta is to the gravel world what the multi-tool is to your saddle bag…but without compromises.
With over 40 years of expertise in developing efficient geometries Basso developed an innovative solution that combines both comfort and performance and ensure fantastic handling in all situations. The specially developed Palta fork stands out and is fundamental to allowing for both great versatility amongst varied terrain in addition to a geometry that provides comfort and efficiency while allowing for near road-like positioning if need be.