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Factor OSTRO VAM v2 team Israel


Factor Bikes was born from a commitment to innovation, speed & performance through advanced engineering.

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Factor OSTRO VAM v2 incl.h/bars and CeramicSpeed BB | 61503990€ tax free | preorder now ask for all options – frameset or complete bike | full offer here

complete bike: OSTRO VAM v2| Sram RED with PM | BlackInc 48/58

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about new OSTRO VAM

The reference for aerodynamics, integrative product design and uncompromising performance in cycling: Factor represents the absolute high-class of modern carbon Road bikes. The roots of the British engineering office in Norfolk lie in motor racing and in cooperation with brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and various Formula 1 teams. Their premiere in the bicycle cosmos was a hyper bike for the prestige automobile brand Aston Martin. In 2013, Factor decided to produce Road bikes in series. Factor brought in Rob Gitelis, Baden Cooke and David Millar know-how from the bike industry and professional cycling. Since then Factor has created racing machines that are unique with their integrative design and unconditional commitment to performance. Highest engineering skills and precise production in uncompromising quality are the hallmarks of Factor’s frames.

Ostro Factor VAM v2

The new Factor Ostro 2024 bike has been designed to challenge its predecessor Factor Ostro VAM. The same Factor Bikes brand denotes the new bike as “the next generation.Designed and developed for all types of speeds, the new model has been molded around aerodynamic gains.

Factor engineers have sought to find the balance between weight, rigidity and aerodynamics, the result being a modern road bike for cyclists who demand precise handling, immediate power transfer, comfort on roads and light weight for a optimal performance on climbs.

Experience the new OSTRO VAM: lighter, faster and unbeatable. Now 250 grams lighter and 7 watts faster with optimized Black Inc 48|58 wheels, it redefines responsive riding with unparalleled aerodynamic efficiency. Journey through our OSTRO VAM Launch Book as we guide you using the latest computer modeling tools to unlock aerodynamic performance gains that were unthinkable.

Factor Ostro VAM v2 2024