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Colnago – C64 | V3Rs | V3 | G3X – frame sets or complete bicycles from Ernesto Colnago |

BASSO – Diamante | Astra | Palta | Venta – frame sets or complete bicycles from Alessandro Basso |

Cipollini – Dolomia | The ONE | NK1K | MCM | BOND2 – frame sets from Mario Cipollini |

Fulcrum wheels – the best performance that modern technology can offer |


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Colnago C64

Colnago, possibly the most desired bike on the planet. For over 50 years, this Italian company has been producing race winning frames. Colnago C64, a frame that traces its history back to the C40. One of the most iconic race bikes of the last 20+ years. Made by hand and customized entirely in Italy. The V3Rs is Colnago’s newest, lightest ever made by Ernesto ,top-end monocoque race frame , the lightweight alternative to the pure-aero Concept  .

Basso Diamante

Basso manufactures highest quality “made in Italy” frames,bicycles and products which are designed and created in Italy. As a producer of carbon fiber bicycle frames, Basso is unique in the industry not only for their quality bicycle frames and components, but also for their relationship in producing parts for Formula 1 and World Rally Championship vehicles. Their outstanding quality control and level of attention to detail in fabrication has not only excelled in the cycling world, but also trusted by two of the world’s leading technology forerunners.

Ernesto Colnago

Ernesto Colnago and Giorgio Squinzy , creators of greatest cycling team in history -MAPEI Colnago


BASSO 2020

Colnago V3rs
Colnago V3Rs

BAsso Palta