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Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra | Campagnolo Bora ULTRA WTO | Colnago C64 48s PJRI | Colnago C68 485 HRRD | Colnago V3 – scroll down to see monthly offers
Colnago C68 | sizes 455 | 485 | 510 | HRRD |5650€ 3750€
Colnago C68 | sizes 485 | 51 HRWH |5650€ ask for an offer | ask to preorder other sizes| wait time 50-70 days
Colnago v4rs
Colnago V4Rs | RVBK | size 530 |4950€ ask for an offer | ask to preorder other sizes| wait time 60-90 days
Colnago v4rs
Colnago V4Rs | SDM3 Team 23 |4950€ ask for an offer | ask to preorder | wait time 60-90 days
Colnago C68 frameset
Colnago C68|sizes 455 20.12. |485 20.12. | 510 20.12. | HRWP |5650€ ask for an offer | ask to preorder other sizes | wait time 50-70 days
Colnago C68
Colnago C68| HRBK |5650€ ask for an offer | ask to preorder | wait time 50-70 days
Colnago C68 titanium
Colnago C68 Ti |HTBK |455 30.01. 6600€ ask for an offer | ask to preorder other sizes| wait time 270 days
Cipollini DOlomia carbon frameset
Cipollini Dolomia | size S | black/red | 5350€ 3490€
Colnago TT1
Colnago TT1 frameset | 7450€ November’s PROMO 4750€ | ask to preorder | wait time 60-90 days
Colnago C64
Colnago C64|color PJRI | size 48s | 3450€ | the very last C64 !
Campagnolo Super Record EPS full groupset for your Colnago | 4790€| 2950€ | bar end interface,T47 BB incl. |
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Basso Palta
BASSO PALTA Gravel | Size S | color Candy Red | 1950€ |
Basso Palta
BASSO PALTA Gravel | Size S | color Gold Burn | 2250€ |
Basso Palta
BASSO PALTA Gravel | Size S and M| color Poseidon | 2250€
olnago v3
Colnago V3 Disc MKBR NEW Shimano 105 Di2 12s Mavic Axium | sizes 48s 52s | 3250
Colnago v4rs
Colnago V4Rs Ultegra Di2 or Sram Force eTap Fulcrum Wind 40 |  PROMO for preorders  
Basso Diamante
Our DEMO bike tested only twice for 50km in total | condition-NEW | Basso Diamante | Opal White Fade 48 | Dura Ace R9270 170 52/36 11-30 with Powermeter Fulcrum Racing 6 | 94506390€ tax free | other wheelset options – DA C50 , Campagnolo WTO, Ultra WTO , Hyperon , Fulcrum Racing 5 , Zero
Basso Astra
Used for 2 summers – Basso Astra | Asphalt grey 48 | Sram Force | Fulcrum Racing 600 | 2900€ tax free| ask for wheelset options | installed NEW crankset , wheelset , tires , stem , bar tape
Lee cougan edge e bike
Our DEMO e-bike tested once for 10km ! Condition-NEW | Lee Cougan Edge e-Bike | size M | 2750€ tax free
Basso Volta
BASSO VOLTA 2024 E-Bike | size S | Sram Apex 1x | 4750€ tax free
Basso Diamante
BASSO Diamante Dura Ace Di2 | 6390
Wheelsets available with any freehub , we keep any freehub – HG11/12 , XDR or Campy in stock for quick swap !
Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra
Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra NEW! | 3650€ 2350€ tax free |
Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO
Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 45 | 60 | 3250€ 1890€ tax free | |
Campagnolo BORA WTO
Campagnolo Bora WTO 33|45|60 | 1380€ tax free|
Lightweight Meilenstein
Lightweight wheels by preorder | ask for details and availability
Campagnolo Shamal
Campagnolo Shamal | 850€
Fulcrum ZERO
Fulcrum Racing ZERO Alu | 790€
Fulcrum Speed 57
Fulcrum Speed 57 NEW! | 1550€ tax free | sold out | 2250€
Fulcrum Speed 25
Fulcrum Speed 25 (1280g !)| 1425€ tax free| sold out | 2250€
Fulcrum Wind 40 DB | 750€ tax free | 1250€
Fulcrum Racing 600 DB Alu | 190€ tax free | 359€ | Excellent choice for winter or bad weather rides or Zwifting !
Shimano Dura Ace 9270 C36 | 1450€ tax free | 2250€
Shimano Dura Ace 9270 C50 | 1450€ tax free | 2250€
Shimano Dura Ace 9270
Shimano Dura Ace 9270 Di2 | 3890€ 2590€ tax free / powermeter +630€
Shimano Ultegra 8170
Shimano Ultegra 8170 Di2 | 2490€ 1450€ tax free | powermeter +580€
Sram Force
Sram Force eTap AXS 170 48/35 10-33 OEM | 2190€ 1290€ tax free
Sram Red e Tap
Sram Red eTap AXS upgrade kit | 2190€ 1350€ tax free
Sram Red eTap
Sram Red eTap AXS | 3390 ask !
Campagnolo Super Record wireless
Campagnolo Super Record WRL | 5200€ ask for an offer | incoming 20.12. | reserve now

Campagnolo EPS
Campagnolo Super Record EPS with bar end interface | 4790€ 2950€ tax free |

Campagnolo Chorus
Campagnolo Chorus 170 52/36 11-29 | 1150€ tax free

Campagnolo Ekar
Campagnolo Ekar 170 38T 9-36 | 990€ tax free

Colnago CC01
Colnago CC.01 combo many sizes | 550€
Deda Alanera
Deda Alanera combo 90-420,110-420 | 520€ |
Colnago R41 hbars 400mm 420mm | 215€ |
Colnago SR9 stem 100mm 110mm | 100€ |
Selle Italia Flite kit Carbonio| 190€
Selle Italia SLR Boost Kit Carbonio | 190€ sold out
Selle Italia Novus Boost Superflow kit Carbonio| 190€
Selle Italia SLR Boost Superflow Kit Carbonio ( all black) | 220€ sold out
Selle Italia Novus Boost Evo Superflow Ti316 145mm| 90€
Prologo M5 Scratch Tirox| 85€
Prologo M5 Scratch Space Tirox| 95€
C-Bear Ceramic BB T47 for C68/V4Rs | BB86 pressfit 41mm for C64/V3Rs | ask €
Favero Assioma Duo | 560€ | sold out
Shimano Ultegra R8100-P Power meter 170mm | 750€ chainrings + 120€
Shimano Dura Ace R9200-P Power meter 170mm | 920€ without chainrings |



The New Colnago C68

Built entirely by hand in Italy, blending artisan techniques and revolutionary technologies. The new Colnago C68 is built by reinterpreting the lug assembly.

A distinctive feature of the production of the C series models, which today more than ever guarantees an extremely reliable and perfectly engineered product.

The final product is a frame with modern lines but with a classic soul, with a streamlined and well-balanced tube section that guarantees higher performance than the previous series in combination with a considerable weight reduction.

The Colnago C series is a bike for the true cycling enthusiast, seeking performance but also looking for something more. An elegant aesthetic, confident road manners and the pleasure of owning an authentic Italian-made product. In a single word, an icon.

With the new C68, Colnago puts an end to the issue of counterfeiting thanks to BlockChain technology. An NFC tag on each frame will contain technical information about the frame and the owner, as well as certification of authenticity, making each frame unique and inimitable.

In addition to the seven sizes of the Colnago C68 Road version, it is possible to combine 16 combinations of length and width of the integrated CC.01 barstem, designed and produced by Colnago.

The Colnago C68 features fully hidden and integrated cables, and the frame is compatible exclusively for electronic or wireless groupsets.

The frame is equipped with CeramicSpeed SLT (Solid Lubrication Technology) headset bearings with a lifetime warranty. For the bottom bracket, the T47 standard is chosen (the bottom bracket is not included in the frame kit).

In addition to the headset, the Colnago C68 frame kit also includes a carbon monocoque seatpost and a card to complete the registration of the product through Blockchain technology. We will be happy to provide all the necessary information to successfully complete the registration process. On request and for an additional fee, it is possible to include the CC.01 cockpit but the frame remains compatible with stem and handlebars from other manufacturers.


Alongside the launch of the new Colnago C68, Colnago have released a new integrated handlebar, the CC.01. Made from a single piece, monocoque construction, the CC.01 is rigid and lightweight making it the perfect companion for the Colnago C68.

In addition to the clever design and technical features, the CC.01 has been created to guarantee the widest possible range of options for a precise fit. There are 16 combinations of sizes available.

The stem length starts from 80mm and goes up to 140mm. For handlebar width, it is important to note that the measurements are not typical, using odd sizes instead of the more traditional even ones.

The shape of each handlebar includes a small 2cm flare at the drops. Therefore a 41cm measured at the levers will have a width of 43cm at the drops.

The CC.01 has a drop of 122mm and a reach of 80mm . The only size that has a different geometry is the 37, which has a drop of 119mm, a reach of 75mm and a flare of 14mm.

The CC.01 features a top stem cover which houses a convenient multitool that you will no longer be forced to carry in your pocket. There is also a dedicated computer mount that will allow you to mount a GoPro style camera.

Made in Italy-Colnago C68 – tradition and technology in perfect proportions
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